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From Individual Components to Systems Integration

Access Control

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Most Major Manufacturers

Network Video

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Fire & Life Safety

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Mobility Across All Systems – We’ve got you covered!

From iphone, to android and even WIndows phones... It can be done!  

Mobile Apps

From Remote Video Feeds to Remote Control of your Systems.
Academy has you covered with APPs that put control at our finger tips 24/7/356 with most all major manufacturers.

Physical Hardware

Through our sister company we can provide any door hardware from panic devices to high security locks to meet any requirement.

Custom Installations

One of a kind installations from twelve monitor video walls to flush mounting components into control consoles, we have you covered. 


From Data Center Mantraps meeting SSAE16 compliance to clean room interlocks, ASG can assist in implementing and providing proven solutions


Biometric technology provides the only form of identification that is truly unique to an individual, ASG integrates with all major manufacturers.

Electronic Access Control – We’ve got you covered!

Academy sells and services most Manufacturers directly or through our partner companies.

Academy Systems Group is your contact for all your Access Control needs.

Academy Systems Group Access Control and ID solutions range from card/proximity access systems to intelligent keys.

We can provide access control solutions that range in size from entire corporate systems to simple, keypad access for remote stand-alone, security doors. Requirements depend on access control risks. We use the latest technologies – including smart and proximity cards and tokens, and biometrics – sourced from the world’s leading names in access control.

Today’s multi-site, access/ID solutions have changed the way security, property and even HR managers look at access control systems. By providing a fully-integrated, centralized, networked access control solution organization-wide, total accountability is now achievable.


Drivers License ID Scanners
Access Control Systems
Biometrics Access Control
CCTV Surveillance Systems
Intrusion Alarm Systems
IP Solutions
Video Analytics

Academy Systems Group has a wealth of access control solutions experience that increases security, reduces risk and can optimize the performance of other facets of your organization.

Systems Integration
Complete integration of the sub-systems required to protect your premises is the key to successful security control.

Various platforms provide differing levels of user-friendliness, intelligence and sub-system connectivity. They act as a common interface through which access control, CCTV, intruder and related sub-systems are managed.

This is the best way to optimise security effectiveness and productivity within the security management function. It also ensures that all resources are fully mobilised when an incident occurs and archives vital data when post-incident investigations and follow-up audits are made. This can be valuable for other business purposes such as health and safety in addition to the core security role

Network Video & CCTV – We’ve got you covered!

Academy sells and services most Manufacturers directly or through our partner companies.

Academy Systems Group is your contact for all services concerning CCTV.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and Video Management Systems is the most understood concept in Physical Security. Camera systems still continue to evolve at a fast pace with improvements to the visual clarity and recording capability. It is important to determine what you need to see , whether or not it needs to be recorded and if you will have someone watching the system or simply use recorded video as a reference for incident investigation.

CCTV systems continue to become more capable and robust and can serve many functions for your organization. Loss prevention and theft deterrance almost always come to mind, but performance evaluation and accident ivestigation are just two examples of how organizations are finding multiple uses for these systems. The most important aspect of the CCTV world that has not changed is that without a trained individual to ask the right questions and design a system using the right equipment for your application, you will be at serious risk of investing in an inadequate system and put your organization at risk.

CCTV Systems commonly use the following components:
Fixed & Remotely Controlled Analog Cameras
Fixed & Remotely Controlled IP Cameras
Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
Network Video Recorders (NVR)

Video Management System (VMS)
Monitoring Stations and Video Walls

Call Academy Systems today to learn how a CCTV System can protect your organization and your employees!

Intrustion and Burglary Systems – We’ve got you covered!

Academy sells and services most Manufacturers directly or through our partner companies.

Academy Systems Group is your contact for all services concerning Intrusion technology.

One part of our core business is providing high value, high risk clients with the very best in burglar intrusion detection systems. DMP products are fully listed with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to provide, install, and monitor UL compliant commercial security systems to protect your premise, safes, vaults and to provide hard-wired and wireless hold-up devices.

At Academy Systems Group, alarm and trouble signals are reported to our UL listed central station where our experienced security personnel are prepared to respond immediately and efficiently to all contingencies. Internet based signal transmission and two-way cellular communication ensure continuous communication with our central station and can eliminate the need for dedicated telephone lines.

Video alarm verification can be provided through the integration of a new or existing video surveillance system.

These advanced intrusion detection systems can be installed for both commercial and residential applications. But no matter how sophisticated, a burglary intrusion detection system is only as effective as the personnel monitoring, servicing and responding to alarm signals.

Video alarm verification means that Academy knows the exact location of an incident and allows a rapid response which is critical in preventing a major loss of goods or property damage.

Click here to view the most popular DMP keypad training video along with direct links to common user guides.

Fire and Life Safety Systems – We’ve got you covered!

Academy sells DMP and Honeywell and services most Manufacturers directly or through our partner companies.

Academy Systems Group is your contact for all services concerning Fire & Life Safety.

Academy Systems Group is a provider of fire and security services, dedicated to protecting people, property and assets.

We specialize in a full range of services from the design, install and commissioning of fire protection and security systems, to testing and compliance in accordance with the relevant legislation and building codes as well as providing service and maintenance to existing systems.  

An added benefit to our customers is our access to and expertise in a wide range of fire systems and products. We have experience in servicing multiple brands and can also provide our customers with access to fire protection products and systems from a variety of manufacturers. In addition to this, our advice and recommendations will also be based on what is most suitable for our customers according to their system requirements rather than recommendations based on brand alliances.  

Here at Academy, we not only offer you convenience, we also offer you choice. Combined with our diverse capabilities is our underlying philosophy to continuously deliver excellence in customer service. At Academy Systems Group, we understand the growing need for you to maximize efficiency and reduce costs, while having the convenience of dealing with a single point of contact for all your building fire and security needs. Our objective is to make this happen by working closely with you to devise solutions that that offer more than just the standard package.

Healthcare Systems – We’ve got you covered!

Academy sells AllGuard for Healthcare , AllGuard Asset Tracking and Article Tags

Academy Systems Group is your contact for all services regarding Healthcare patient and asset RFID protection

Infant Protection

Ensure a safe and secure environment for your newborns, saving time you can use to focus on quality of care.Supervised/Secure

Wandering Patient

Fully networked systems that provide real-time visibility, perimeter security and unparalleled safety of patients. 

Assets / Duress

Our 100% IP based solutions include Asset Tracking and Staff Duress Integration.  Local and remote audio/visual alarms

Pediatric Tags

The smallest and lightest patient tags in the market with Tamper Detection.  Configurable buttons, two way communications.

ASG-25 Special Projects – We’ve got you covered!

Academy’s System Groups Custom Solutions

Regardless of your situation, Academy Systems Group is your contact for all custom security solutions and services regarding any need, any time frame and any location.

Wireless Network Extension

When others say you can’t, ASG says you can. Whether you are need wireless cameras, network AP's, extention or high speed air-fiber links to remote locations.  ASG has the solution.

Mobile Movie Set Security

Discreet networked systems that provide real-time connectivity no matter the location even if it is a constantly changing. ASG has you covered 24/7/365 with Video, Access Control and Alarm protection.

Storm / Safe Rooms Property Vaults

Custom storm and safe rooms.  Hidden access with bio-metric triggers. 100% secure solutions include remote video, lock-downs, asset protection and remote distress notification of choice.

Marine Access Control and Security

Do you leave your yacht in the water?  Would you like bilge level notification?  How about turning spreader lights on with your smart phone?   Key Fob access to a secured hatch? ASG can do it.